The Only The Crazy Survive Tour was VERIDIA 's first headlining tour in 2015. It began in Birmingham, AL on September 15 and ended in Nashville, TN on October 9. Drew Chadwick was the opener for the tour.

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Only The Crazy Survive Tour Dates

Setlist Edit

  1. Crazy In A Good Way
  2. Mad Man
  3. Tightrope
  4. Furious Love
  5. Still Breathing
  6. Pretty Lies
  7. Mystery of the Invisible
  8. At The End of the World
  9. Misfits
  10. We Are The Brave
  11. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
  12. Mechanical Planet
  13. Disconnected

Trivia Edit

On the third day of the tour, VERIDIA's driver drove away and ripped the gas line off the gas pump. That's how Deena Jakoub woke up that day.